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Dr. R Gerald Bailey, COO

Dr. Bailey is a chemical engineering graduate of the University of Houston, holding BS, MS, and PhD degrees, and is a registered professional engineer in Texas. His extensive experience encompasses both upstream and downstream sectors, with expertise in the Middle East, US onshore and offshore operations, as well as LNG and GTL. Dr. Bailey has held executive board positions, including as President of Exxon's Arabian Gulf division. Currently, he leads and advises multiple energy-related organizations, such as Bailey Energy LLC, Petroteq Energy, MMH&ABS Engineering Group, Ecoteq Energy, and Eagles Ledge Energy Ltd. He has authored several publications and has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Houston in 2014.

Bailey Energy LLC 1997 - continues
Consulting and business development (Houston TX)

Advisor, former CEO, Petroteq Energy (PQEFF) 2012 - continues
Public company, oil sands production (Los Angeles CA)

Director, Cavitation Technologies (CVAT) 2021 - continues
Public company, fluid dynamics (Los Angeles CA)

CEO, MMH&ABS Engineering Group 2021- continues
Global energy development projects (London, UK)

Chairman, Ecoteq Energy (ECOT) 2022 - continues
Public company, global oil and gas projects (Oslo, Norway)

Director, Spectrum Alliance Inc 2019-continues
Management consulting, crude oil trading (Henderson NV)

CEO, Silva Petroleum LLC 2019 - continues
International energy projects (Houston TX)

Partner, DIG Global Consulting LLC 2018 -continues
Energy projects consulting (Phoenix AZ)


Partner, Global Resources Sustainability LLC 2019 - continues
Worldwide energy ventures (Houston TX)

Chairman, Emery Resource Holdings LLC 2022- continues
Oil and gas developments (Scottsdale AZ)

Chairman, LNG Operations LLC 2022- continues
Gas production (Round Rock TX)

Chairman, Ephraim Oil LLC 2010 -continues
Heavy oil production operations (Shreveport LA)

President, BCL Petroleum 2018 - continues
Petroleum terminal operations (Houston TX)

Technical Advisor, American Energy LLC 2018 – continues
Oil and gas operations (Chicago IL)

CEO, PetroSun Inc. (PSUD) 2016 - 2022
Public company, oil, gas, helium production (Phoenix AZ)

Side note: requested by US State Department in 2007 to oversee the
reconstruction of Iraq oil industry but declined due to security issues

President, Exxon, Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, UAE 1993-97

Responsible for coordination of all Exxon business interests in the Arabian
Gulf. Liaison with local governments. Director of Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil
Company. Managed regional E&P office and provided support to area
offices of Supply, Marketing, and Chemicals. Director of Exxon Qatar.
Managed office of Exxon Qatar in Doha and headed negotiations on gas to
liquid conversion project.

Assistant General Manager, Administration and Commercial, Abu Dhabi
Onshore Oil Company, on loan from Exxon 1989-93
Management of administration and commercial functions for operating
company producing 1 MBD with 1800 employees and a budget of $500
million. Supervised some 400 persons in Human Resources, Planning,
Computers, Quality Assurance, Finance, Audit, Legal, Medical, Security,
Public Affairs.


Operations Manager, Qatar General Petroleum Corp, Dukhan Operations, on
loan from Exxon 1987-89

Management of production fields producing 300 KBD oil and 600MCFD
gas. Supervised 800 people in drilling, production, petroleum engineering,
maintenance, camp services and housing.

Operations Manager, Qatar General Petroleum Corp, Umm Said Operations,
on loan from Exxon 1985-87

Responsible for 8000 MTD NGL plant, oil export terminal, oil and gas
pipelines, with 400 employees.

Operations Superintendent, Exxon Lago Oil, Aruba 1982-85
Responsible for operation of 400 KBD refinery. 900 employees.

Technical Services Superintendent, Exxon Oil, Aruba 1981-82

Technical Services and Engr Supt, Esso Standard Libya, Brega, Libya 1981
Responsible for 200 KBD Oil, 500 MCFD gas, and LNG plant.

Operations Supt, Esso Standard Libya, Brega, Libya 1980-81
Responsible for operations producing 200 KBD oil, 500 MCFD gas, five
remote desert camps, pipeline systems, engineering, camp services.

Senior Production Supervisor, Zelten Field, Esso Libya, Brega, Libya 1979

Staff Engineer, LNG plant, Esso Libya, Brega, Libya 1978

Operations Supervisor, Additives, Texaco, Port Arthur, TX 1972-78

Process Engineer, Oil Additives, Texaco, Port Arthur, TX 1970-72

Staff Engineer, Petrochemicals, Texaco, New York, NY 1966-70

Research Engineer, Chemicals, Additives, Texaco, Port Arthur, TX 1963-66

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