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Lorne Nystrom, VP Corporation Development

Lorne Nystrom, 22 year old was the youngest MP ever elected in Canadian history on June 25, l968 in Yorkton-Melville.  He served in Parliament from then until 1993. He was re-elected in Regina-Qu'Appelle in June 1997 and stayed in Parliament until June 2004 some 32 and a quarter years one of the longest in Canadian history.  He served as Whip for his Caucus.

As an MP he served on most committees of the House, including Foreign Affairs, Finance, Trade, Energy,  Agriculture. Indian Affairs and the Constitution.  He travelled to Biafra, China, and was an election observer in South Africa. This was in addition to Canada/France, Israel, Taiwan and the US.

Since leaving Parliament he continued his international work as a consultant in both China and Israel.  He has been to China more than 30 times on business as well as serving as a member of CIJA (Canada International Jewish Association) for six years.  He has been involved in local issues such as founding member of the Board of Directors of the Buffalo Plains Refinery.

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