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Eaglesledge Energy is the lead investor and developer of a Clean Fuels Refinery integrated with both Solar Project proposed for southern Saskatchewan, Canada. The Company looks to integrate Carbon recapture to the project with a focus to recapture up to 90-95% of carbon production further reducing the environmental footprint. Located on the edge of the Bakken Oil Formation and with access to a vibrant oil and gas supply chain, this location is ideal to add value to one of Canada’s greatest natural resources.

This project will create an industry-leading Clean Fuels Refinery (CFR) that generates high quality products, minimizes carbon emissions and services local needs. Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology and refining  processes,  the plant  will  significantly reduce the impact  to our environment. Our strategy is to help advance Saskatchewan’s oil and gas sector by working with local business, workforce and communities to generate long-term sustainable economic benefits in the region.

The planned CFR will produce predominantly gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel and jet fuel. At a projected cost of approximately US $457 million, The CFR will produce 30,000 barrels per stream day (bpsd). The modular design can be expanded to increase capacity up to 85,000 bpsd to service regional demand. The refinery size is uniquely designed for construction efficiency and to produce local supply for local demand in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan


Introducing the Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan refinery. Producing 30,000 BPD of low grade gasoline, sweet crude and liquid propane. The current project at Eaglesledge Energy aims to redefine what a refinery is in the 21st century. Including but not limited to, carbon recapture, removing 90-95% of all carbon emissions. Fully powered by Solar, this nearly net zero refinery will be the first in North America setting the new standard to cleaner refining of crude oil. 

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